Alldaymall A88T Android Tablet Review

Android tablets are very plentiful. It seems nowadays, everyone is making one and they have gotten to be pretty standard. However, not all of them work well, even when they appear to have decent parts inside. Alldaymall sent me their A88T tablet to test out, and I must say at first I did not think the tablet would be much to talk about. I have never heard of this brand before, and honestly, would not … Read more

Alldaymall A88T Android Tablet Giveaway

Alldaymall is back again partnering with and this time they are giving away their latest tablet which is the A88T and this Android tablet sports a 7″ screen with a 1920×1200 resolution for crystal sharp images and video. We are talking about 323 pixels per inch and it has a 170 degree viewing angle to boot.  The A88T does feature the Quad-Core A33 64 Bit CPU and comes with 1GB RAM and 16 GB … Read more

Enter to Win an Alldaymall 7-inch Android Tablet

In another last minute holiday giveaway Alldaymall teams up with to offer one of their newer 7″ Android Tablets in a giveaway.  This is the same tablet that is sitting in Raymond’s hands right now that he is working on a review of, but they couldn’t wait for the review and wanted readers to have a chance to win one for the holidays! This tablet sports a  7 inch HD IPS display with 1280×800 … Read more

Enter to win an Alldaymall 7 inch Kids Android Tablet

Alldaymall is once again partnering with Dragon Blogger to offer our fans a chance to win their latest Kids Android Tablet, this is the perfect tablet for younger kids as it includes a rubber case that protects the tablet from drops.  Unlike the previous model this model does have 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage so it can download and play some of the more recent titles, the last model had only 512MB of … Read more

Alldaymall A88X Android Tablet Giveaway

Alldaymall is one of our newer Amazon store partners that decided to run a giveaway with Dragonblogger for the fans a few weeks ago.  This was for the ONVO Portable Bluetooth Speaker, and the results of the giveaway were so good that they partnered with us again and this time it is to bring a budget Android tablet to one lucky fan. The tablet model is the A88X 7″ Android Tablet, and this tablet sports … Read more

Onvo Portable Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

AllDayMall is a new partner working with us and they run an Amazon Store where they sell all sorts of gadgets and products.  Well to help get their store noticed by our readers they decided to partner with us and let us giveaway an Onvo Portable Bluetooth Speaker! This speaker sports 2×3 Watt HD speakers and has 4-6 hours of play time.  Even better it can play while it is charging via the MicroUSB cable, … Read more