Enter to Win a Hundred Dollar Amazon Gift Card from Dragon Blogger and Dealspotr

Dealspotr is an online place where you can not only find deals and coupons for products you want to buy on major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Apple, Sony ,Walmart…etc but it also rewards members for posting deals and validating deals.  Validating deals can even be done without having to buy a product, you simply participate in the community by testing out a coupon and confirming that it worked and you get reward points.  Earn … Read more

Enter to Win a $200 Amazon Gift Card

Welcome to the $200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! We aren’t just busy giving away gadgets, we hear it when the fans sometimes just want to win cold hard cash or gift cards.  This is why I partnered with some other bloggers including Giveaway Promote to help offer our chance for readers to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card (or $200 PayPal cash if you live outside the U.S.).  So enter below and see if you … Read more

November $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

In keeping with the monthly giveaways that I am doing as part of using Incentivibe which lets you giveaway $500 prizes for $25 per month, I decided to make the November offering the $500 Amazon Gift Card which I think is very appropriate just before the holidays and is enough that the winner would be able to buy an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 starter bundle.  So because Incentivibe can’t let me pick an actual … Read more

Enter to Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card

I have been testing Incentivibe over the past few days and will continue to run my test probably into October at least or permanently be part of the platform.  My review on them will go live in a week or two, but in the meantime being a co-sponsor on the Incentivibe network allows me to be part of this $500 Amazon Gift Card giveaway which I can extend to my readers.  All you need to … Read more