Amazon Prime Members How to Use Your Twitch Prime Sub

If you are already an Amazon Prime member you may not be aware that you already now have access to Twitch Prime since Twitch is owned by Amazon.  Twitch Prime offers an array of other benefits for Amazon Prime members who happen to be gamers or simply want to support their favorite gamers on Twitch without coming out of pocket to subscribe to them.  With Twitch Prime you get access to free games, unlocks and … Read more

Get New and Pre-Order Game Discounts with Amazon Prime

So you know you already get free 2-day shipping, Prime Video on Demand, Prime Music and much more, but Amazon Prime members now get 20% off when they pre-order new games or order new games within 2 weeks of release.  This is yet another bonus and benefit of being an Amazon Prime member, and this means typically if you buy 5 new games per year, the savings virtually equals the cost of a 6th game for … Read more

Amazon Instant Video iPad App

I have been an Amazon Prime customer for over a year now and enjoy not only the free 2 day shipping benefits, but I also like the streaming video options while not as full as Netflix they do offer some variety and a few movies that you won’t find on Netflix. So when I saw the Amazon Instant Video app is released for the iPad and now lets you select any of the catalog of … Read more

Amazon Prime Streaming now on PS3

Amazon Prime surged into the headlines recently with the announcement that the Prime Streaming service is now available on the PS3. The two are ideally suited for each other; Sony’s console and Amazon Prime are both far more powerful, popular, and versatile than many people realize, and this new marriage makes both well-equipped to reach even greater heights. For one thing, this isn’t just big news for a small number of gamers. Over half of … Read more