How to Turn Your Android into A Gaming Console

Gaming has been around for decades, but now with cell phones gaming is transportable on a completely new level. With the new technology available in cell phones, we have a gaming system everywhere we go on top of all the incredible things cell phones are already capable of doing. Of course, huge consoles are a few steps ahead in capabilities, but Android phones aren’t far behind. Compared to iPhones, Android phones have received a bad rep as not … Read more

My Top Five Favorite Mobile Games

Being a gamer I am way more into console gaming than anything else. However, there are times when I am on the go that I have played around with some of the games that can be found on my phone. Some of the apps on this list may only be found on Android since I use a Galaxy S7. These are in no particular order they just happened to catch my attention for more than … Read more

So You Want to Play Core Games on your Android?

A Hardcore ‘Droid Primer     The Armpit of the Gaming Industry Between the sea of crap that constitutes the freemium wing of Android gaming and the many broken, unfinished and half-assed copy-cat titles that spew from the ranks of Android’s countless indie developers, it’s not hard to imagine how an outside observer might refer to Android as the armpit of the gaming industry. And they do. And yet while all of the above is … Read more

End of CES 2013: Table PC’s, Android Gaming Devices, 4K TV’s and more

The end of CES 2013 has come and this year’s trends show that manufacturers are being far more experimental and in my opinion releasing new ideas that are trying to change how we interact with our entertainment in a way to grab the kind of innovation and luck that Apple did when it first released the iPad and the world realized there was a need for tablets to supplement and eventually replace netbooks and in … Read more