Sumsonic Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tiny and barrel shaped, some long and thin, some are designed to fit in or on the ears, but seldom have I seen one shaped like a doughnut. Sumsonic has just that, the LLX-01. Watch the Unboxing Video! Not only does it have a unique shape, it can be bent and shaped into other shapes as well. While only a few will stand on their … Read more

NodeBeat is a Musical Distraction

NodeBeat is not a game but, a musical distraction. you can choose to simply listen or create your own “song”. If you choose to create your own song, you will be able to have some control over many aspects of the music. And, if you create a tune you like, you can record it to share with adoring fans everywhere. If you look at the top of this picture, you can see from left to … Read more