Best Antiviruses Suitable for Gamers

Being a gamer, you certainly would not want anything to disturb you in the middle of your gaming experience on your PC. As a result of which, at times, you have to make a difficult choice – whether to protect your personal computer using an antivirus or to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. However, with [...]

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Protect 3 PCs with One Copy of McAfee Total Protection 2014

There is one thing to be said about a total protection software from McAfee and that is that it does try to really cover everything.  Not only does it keep zero day threats at bay, but it scans constantly to keep your system free of malware and Trojans.  The software also includes file and folder [...]

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Enter to Win VoodooShield Computer Lock Software

  VoodooShield claims to do less than 1% CPU and HDD utilization and is far more than an Antivirus it is a complete system lock.  It snapshots your system and knows what currently runs and alarms and prevents any new process from running without going through it's filter.  It is always running in the background [...]

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Review of the FixMeStick and Giveaway

We have done reviews of antivirus and anti-malware software before here on but the idea behind the FixMeStick virus removal device was one of it's biggest selling points. In some cases your computer may be so infected with viruses or malware that your existing antivirus software may also become altered so that it will [...]

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