App Store Promotion with Keyword Installs

App Store promotion can include various strategies and methods. The one that has proven its efficiency is keyword promotion. It helps you to improve your rank and get more organic traffic. To get a picture of it, read this article. Promotion by search ads or keywords You may ask what is the difference between search ads and promotion by keywords. Both of these methods aim to improve your position. But what happens when you’re using … Read more

Choose Zedge To Get Personalized Experience And Grab The Advantages

Zedge is the one stop application for getting different things including notification tones, wallpapers, ringtones, etc. Of course all the options also available in the various categories including fun, fantasy, mainstream, etc. This app allows users to add content based on their needs.  It is one of the trusted apps that enable anyone to enjoy nearly unlimited options. Zedge allows user to personalize their phone or tablet with awesome wallpapers, app icons, ringtones, alarms and … Read more

App Store vs. Setapp: The Main Pros and Cons

What was the first thing you did when you got your first Mac? You created a user profile and accessed the App Store. Most people remember this as a great experience. There were so many apps to explore. So many games to play, photos to take, and productivity apps to make you more efficient. But with time, you started exploring the store less and less. You got bored. The best apps require a lot of … Read more