What Happened to the Apple iPhone 5?

Apple iPhone 4S is finally out, with the demand just increasing day by day even though the device didn’t undergo any cosmetic changes. The only major changes made on the smartphone, was the inclusion of a powerful Apple A5 processor and an 8 megapixel camera. But the really mystery has been the unanswered question about [...]

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Apple iPhone 4 Gets Two New Ad Commercials

Looks like Apple is trying to push through the last few stocks of the Apple iPhone 4, with the release two new commercials for the 4th generation of the iPhone. After the famous "If u don't have an iPhone, U don't have an iPhone" campaign which showcased the different features of the phone, Apple comes [...]

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Thinner and Slimmer Apple iPhone 5 Coming in September

As the next generation of the Apple iPhone is due for launch, the rumours just dont stop flowing in. So for the time being, the biggest question will be 'How will the Apple iPhone 5 will look like?'. We cannot answer this question at this moment, but according to a report by Wall Street Journal, [...]

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