Android Tip: How to Stop App Icons from Automatically Being Added to HomeScreen

When you install an app from Google Play, it’s shortcut is automatically added to your home screen by default, and I find it really annoying. It disturbs my home screen and if I installed like oh, 10-12 apps in one go, my home screen looks like an app store itself  :-x . If you also find this annoying, and want to disable it, it’s quite easy. To do so, open Google Play. Now, swipe right from … Read more

Using MessageHub to Manage Social Conversations

So recently I have started testing the MessageHub application as an iOS application (which you can find on iTunes here) to help manage social media communications across multiple networks in one place. At the time of testing and reviewing this app Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were the only applications support for integration. I am quite familiar with social media management tools which I won’t name, so I went into reviewing and testing MessageHub with a … Read more