Looking Up: Getting Started With Astronomy

Astronomy has always been a fascinating subject and if you ask any third grader what they’ll want to be when they grow up, they’ll tell you with great confidence that they’ll want to be astronomers. Nothing beats the feeling of observing huge giants of planets gravitating our earth or the mere fact that our planet is just but a speck in the galaxy! Studying astronomy will help you to better understand the various aspects of … Read more

How to Use Laser Pointers for Astronomy Properly?

When it comes to stargazing, laser pointers are all the rave. Emitting a narrow, intense beam of light that is visible for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of meters at night if weather conditions allow, lasers can give you some breathless views in a night sky. You’ll probably find a green laser pointer (GLP) in the toolkit of any amateur stargazer. These lasers are very easy to use, and are fairly accurate in pinpointing stars and … Read more