Sharing and Sending Audible Audiobooks and Why I Love Audible

First let me tell you that I became hooked on audiobooks since 1996 when I used to listen to audiobooks on cassette tape and later CD’s while working as a touch typist and data entry operator for entry level jobs.  Audiobooks was what I listened do when I did part time house cleaning and landscaping to earn money to pay the rent when I was a teenager and to me listening to audiobooks was just as … Read more

Mixcder® Basso Wireless Earphones

Bluetooth headphones are out in force these days.  The last few Bluetooth wireless headphones I reviewed were in ear headphones and all of the weight of the headphones were on the ear piece. The Mixcder® Basso Wireless Earphones uses an over the ear piece and smaller ear piece to reduce the weight hanging off of the ear piece in your ear.  This increases comfort and wear-ability.  I also really like the carrying case included protecting the … Read more

Blackzebra Wireless Stereo Sports Headphones, Bluetooth 4.1

Considering a set of Bluetooth headphones?  Need comfort, reliability, and battery life?  Some of the Bluetooth enable earbud headphones pack the tech into the earpiece which can be heavy and uncomfortable.  Or if they aren’t so heavy you can tell the tech is lacking due to the reduced sound quality.  Now consider price.  you can buy the Beats ear buds or the Jaw Bird ear buds for $150 to $200.  Ouch, well ouch for me … Read more