Software To Transcribe Audio To Text With AI

Evolution of AI Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a technology that has been around for several decades now. The advancements in computer technology have now enabled the application of AI possible in almost all sectors. The first research on using AI was done as early as 1958 but the benefits of AI have only come to the forefront during the start of the 21st century. Today, there are many ways you can apply AI to your daily … Read more

VoiceBase for Converting Recorded Speech to Text with Free Trial

You can sign up for a free account and get up to 50 hours of speech to text translation for free without having to enter a credit card so I decided to take advantage of it and see if a 1 minute audio recording I did for a product review could be turned into a text document that I could cut and paste into WordPress with ease.   After you active your account and want … Read more