Review of the Perixx PX-5200BR Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

In the age of the Mechanical keyboard, we are bombarded by the loud clickety clack of Cherries and Kiehl’s but what if I told you they didn’t have to be loud to be good? What if I told you that a relatively quiet keyboard can actually be pretty good and what if I told you it came from our friends at Perixx? This review is of that keyboard, more precisely the Perixx PC5200-BR Mechanical Gaming … Read more

Review of the Brilens LS1280 First Laser DLP Projector at 720P

Review of the Brilens LS1280 Laser DLP projector which can project to about a 200 inch screen and take a wide range of inputs with decent speaker built in.

5 Epic Things To Do On The Internet – Part 3

Welcome to yet another list of 5 awesome things to do on the internet, right now for absolutely no price at all! These things don’t require you to download any stuff and can be great time wasters, so what are we waiting for? Let’s get started. 5. SuperCook How many times have you been hungry but didn’t know what to do with the ingredients in your fridge? Forget all the worries, because SuperCook allows you … Read more