The 5 Best 2021 WiFi Routers You Need To Know About Today

In recent times, internet connectivity has become even more of an essential part of our lives. Every day there has been an increase in the demand of the people for more strong connections so their work can be done smoothly. Internet connectivity has become so essential for day to day critical activities and high consumer demand for best Wi-Fi routers. There has been constant competition in the market for the best so that customers can get the … Read more

Top 5 Wireless Ax Routers In 2020

This year 2020, has two beautiful rings in its name, but it proved a nightmare for all of us. No one has ever imagined that in this year, the coronavirus (COVID 19) will come, and it will not only take many lives but also change the operational aspects of the individuals drastically.  In these COVID times, as the whole world will change its shift from offline to online mode, many workers will do their work … Read more

802.11 AX Standard and 5 Best AX Wireless Routers

As Wi-Fi technology strives to keep up with demand, it can be expected that new devices will appear to handle that demand. That is where we got 802.11 AX. As this new router technology becomes more prevalent, it was important to confer with to find out which are the best 802.11AX wireless routers on the market. 802.11 AX is made specifically for high-density environments, such as concerts, trains, and even airports. It works by … Read more