Holiday Gift Guide – Best Gaming Chairs in 2020

A quality gaming chair can help make or break a gaming experience. If you’re sitting for long periods in an uncomfortable chair, that can directly impact your gameplay. A good chair should support your back and not feel uncomfortable after hours. They’re even better when they have features specific to gamers or styles that make your streaming setup look great. Today we’re going to go over some of the best out there so you can … Read more

Best gaming chairs under $100 in 2020

Anyone who likes to play video games knows how important a good gaming chair is for long play times. Most chairs can be quite expensive and get up there in price, so we went on the hunt for some of the best ones out there that won’t break the bank. This list is a good list of some of the best gaming chairs out there for under $100 in 2020. GOTMINSI Gaming Chair This gaming … Read more

Three Cheap PC Gaming Chairs for 2018

With the exploding popularity of gaming, there are more product options than ever before and gaming chairs are no exception. Through the years we’ve seen a wide variety of gaming chairs Gaming chairs vary in price and features, depending on what you need. There are more gaming chairs than ever before and it can be hard to pick which one works best.  We’ll break down the top three cheap PC gaming chairs in 2018: OFM … Read more