How to Choose PC Hardware for Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the processing of transactions that take place using Bitcoin on the blockchain. For most of us, acquiring Bitcoin is as simple as signing up at Luno for a Bitcoin wallet and purchasing as many as you can afford. But there is also the option of mining Bitcoin. Taking up Bitcoin mining can prove to be very profitable with Bitcoins awarded to the miner per block for their efforts. Therefore, this has resulted … Read more

Crypto Mining on the Kindle Fire HDX

So just for fun and a little experimentation I wanted to compare the H/s mining rates of Monero for my various mobile devices, so I setup my Kindle Fire HDX to mine Monero and compare it to my Oukitel phone.  For both tests and mobile devices I am using MinerGate Mobile Miner from Google Play store, though I had to sideload MinerGate Mobile Minor on the Kindle Fire HDX because you can’t find any miner … Read more

Sapphire Radeon PULSE RX 570 ITX 4GB 11266-06-20G Video Card Review

Pulse, it’s Sapphire answer to your wallet, but is it worth it?  Sapphire has created a line, separate from its NITRO series card to give you a little more to game with, with a smaller price tag.  Sapphire’s catch here is toning down on the LED lighting, getting rid of the buzz worthy aesthetics and pulling the reigns back on the cooling and a few other things.  You might be scared at the cooling part, … Read more