4 Budget Condenser Mics Compared: Blitzwolf Neweer TONOR FIFINE

In the past 60 days I have had 4 condenser microphones from 4 brands come across my desk for review and I got a chance to do some recordings, voice overs, and came to very clear conclusions on each.  I will preface by saying that I am only comparing these 3 microphones which are in the $50 or less price range, and one is slightly more but has a clippable coupon to bring it under … Read more

Blitzwolf BM-CW2 Condenser Mic Kit Review

Blitzwolf who partners with Dragon Blogger from time to time sent us a studio microphone kit to review and share what we thought of it with our readers.  This is a USB mic kit so it is 100% plug N play with no software needed, it also includes everything you see in the unboxing and review video below. Inside the box you will receive the Blitzwolf Mic, USB Cable, Boom Arm, Wind sock, Shock Mount … Read more

Is The BlitzWolf 1080p Web Camera The One For You?

With so many web cameras on the market it is hard to choose which one is the best for you. Some people like full-function webcams with software and others prefer simple plug and play. Today we look at BlitzWolf’s BW-CC1 1080p plug and play web camera. The 1920x1080p image resolution can only be captured at 30fps however so if you are looking for 1080p60 then this isn’t going to give you that. We will get … Read more

BlitzWolf 10.2″ Selfie Ring Light Review

With so many people into streaming or TikTok, everyone is looking for good lighting at a decent price. Some can be very spendy but lucky for us BlitzWolf has come through with an affordable LED light ring. This ring light is not only affordable but has many options. The first thing you will notice is that it comes in a plain white and green box with their logo in the green at the top right corner … Read more

Don’t Miss This Deal on BlitzWolf Selfie Sticks

If you’re into traveling or going to new places, you know how great a selfie stick can be. You can get a far angle or catch the scenery in a breeze. There are some great deals currently on selfie sticks that you don’t want to miss. Blitzwolf BS10 Selfie Stick Tripod This selfie stick is not only a selfie stick but it’s also a tripod. This two-in-one combination is the best of both world for … Read more

Blitzwolf BW-GC1 Review – Is Cheap Good?

Hello, again, my friends. It has been quite a long time that it has been since I’ve written to you. We’ve come a long ways here at DragonBlogger and today I would like to bring you something that is a far cry from my original posts. Let me ask you a question, how comfortable are you right now? Perhaps you’re laying down, perhaps you’re standing up, perhaps you’re sitting in a ungodly uncomfortable chair. One … Read more

Blitzwolf Tripod Selfie Stick Review

Capturing the moment is a great part of all the technology we have at our fingertips. Being able to sit back and snap as many pictures as we want from our phones has never been easier. Thankfully, times like selfie sticks and tripods have come on to the scene to give us the ability to make these pictures even better. In the past, I reviewed Blitzwolf’s traditional selfie stick, but recently they reached out with … Read more

BlitzWolf BW-BS6 Selfie Stick Review

When selfie sticks first came out, everyone had something to say about this next-level of selfie-taking. Now, a ton of vloggers and travelers have one on the go to document their adventures. Selfie sticks help you get a better and wider shot than if you hold it with your arm. If you’re a photographer or just want some good quality pictures, a selfie stick is almost a necessity. The BlitzWolf BW-BS6 selfie stick is a great … Read more

BlitzWolf BW ES2 Dual Dynamic Driver In-ear Earphone Review

I am always in the search for good earphones. Mostly in the low budget area, and finding a good earphone with a tight budget is pretty tough. Today’s review will be for those who are looking for a cheap, but good quality earphones. This is the BlitzWolf BW ES2 Dual Dynamic Driver In-ear Earphone. You can get it for as cheap as $19.99 from Banggood. Additionally, you can also apply this “12Blitzw” coupon to get extra … Read more