Blockchain and VR – the Most Intriguing Innovations for Online Casinos

Innovative technologies have always been in the limelight. A few years ago, Augmented Reality (AR)  and Virtual Reality (VR) were the hottest topics for discussions among tech-savvy people. Later, blockchain and cryptocurrencies took the place of the most talked about technologies. At the moment, all of them are still the most attractive innovations that can [...]

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Will Blockchain Technology Revolutionize In-Game Purchases – and the Whole Gaming and Entertainment Industry?

By now, it is beyond obvious that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. A project that once seemed like a crazy dream – or nightmare, for some – has gradually gained legitimacy and worldwide acceptance, with several vendors and even governments across the globe accepting cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoin as an alternative means of payment. Yet [...]

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Gaming is the Latest Industry to Embrace Cryptocurrency

It seems like every day, cryptocurrency becomes more ubiquitous. According to Forbes, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrency has increased from $7 billion in January 2016 to more than $130 billion. Bitcoin (BTC) has appreciated 30X since 2013, and Ether (ETH) has seen its own meteoric rise—100X since August 2015. Meanwhile, the Initial Coin Offering [...]

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