Blockchain and VR – the Most Intriguing Innovations for Online Casinos

Innovative technologies have always been in the limelight. A few years ago, Augmented Reality (AR)  and Virtual Reality (VR) were the hottest topics for discussions among tech-savvy people. Later, blockchain and cryptocurrencies took the place of the most talked about technologies. At the moment, all of them are still the most attractive innovations that can be applied to practically any industry. These solutions are actively being adopted by online casinos that are interested in following … Read more

Will Blockchain Technology Revolutionize In-Game Purchases – and the Whole Gaming and Entertainment Industry?

By now, it is beyond obvious that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. A project that once seemed like a crazy dream – or nightmare, for some – has gradually gained legitimacy and worldwide acceptance, with several vendors and even governments across the globe accepting cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoin as an alternative means of payment. Yet the bitcoin project, it seems, stretches beyond simply delivering the ultimate decentralised digital currency; the underlying technology that powers bitcoin, … Read more

Gaming is the Latest Industry to Embrace Cryptocurrency

It seems like every day, cryptocurrency becomes more ubiquitous. According to Forbes, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrency has increased from $7 billion in January 2016 to more than $130 billion. Bitcoin (BTC) has appreciated 30X since 2013, and Ether (ETH) has seen its own meteoric rise—100X since August 2015. Meanwhile, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has now generated more funding for blockchain companies than venture capital this year. To which industries does BTC owe … Read more