Great blogging tools you may never have heard of 

Blogging can be hard work and time-consuming, in particular when you first get started. But the more you do it the easier it becomes and the less time it takes. This is largely because, along the way, you end up discovering little tricks and tools that make everything much easier. Below, are some apps, online resources, services and software than any blogger can use to make their life easier.  A super-fast way to create citations  … Read more

BloggerJet Strip the Blog Tool: Now With Pinterest

I had written a post about the BloggerJet Strip the Blog tool previously and though it worth noting and sharing the recent update to the tool which includes adding Pinterest and number of comments into the report that displays when you search for the most popular articles on a blog. This tool is ideal for seeing the most popular posts on sites so that you can get article ideas or help create a reference or … Read more