Top 4 Recommendations for Portable Blu-Ray DVD Players

While online streaming, flash drives, and cable TV have put a strong strain on the significance of DVDs over the past few years, DVDs still remain an awesome way to get entertainment or watch and listen to stuff you love. They’re also a great option to store important files as a backup. For this reason, DVD players still remain significant, which is why home theatres come with a DVD player, many video games have a … Read more

Top 5 Best Blu-ray Players

The two major High Definition disc formats are the HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Blu-ray was introduced in 2006 with the intention to replace the DVD standard all over the world. But HD-DVD was discontinued on February 19, 2008, and Blu-ray taking the lead for HD playback. However, DVDs are still in use. Let’s see which the top 5 best Blu-ray players are. LG UBK80 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Player with HDR Compatibility (2018) This 4K Ultra HD … Read more

Win a Copy of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on BluRay

I am a huge fan of the LOTR series and though some reviewers claimed they didn’t like The Hobbit as much due to it not being a true following of the book, I appreciated the fact that Peter Jackson compiled and referenced additional J.R.R. Tolkien works after The Hobbit was published to create a bigger and completer picture of the events going around while the dwarves were seeking to retake their homeland from the evil … Read more

Win a Copy of The Avengers on Blu-Ray

We have partnered up with Film Book again to bring readers a chance to win The Avengers on Blu-Ray just in time for the holiday season.  The Avengers was one of my favorite movies and did not disappoint if you are a fan of the Marvel superhero films that preceded it. Enter for your chance to win The Avengers on Blu-Ray and take a look at Film Book who does a great job covering all … Read more