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How to Download Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 with

Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 is a game reserved for only the grittiest of soldiers, the ones with a clear-minded focus – to dominate it all. Published by Miniclip, Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 is addictive in that it’s got a very simple premise. You duel against 6 online gamers using local system gameplay to fight each other. There are different guns and weapons you can use to kill each other. You can … Read more

Nations At Risk a Real Time Grand Strategy Browser Game

Nations at risk is a nation simulation game that is all about politics and war. It’s free to play, multiplayer, browser-based, and has a variety of government systems to choose from. It has a wonder system that is reminiscent of age of empires. The game is similar to old school browser-based games sites such as Neopets, static images and text conveying the action on screen. Build up your nation from the depths of squalor and … Read more

Top 5 War Games You Can Play in Your Browser

I’m a child of Newgrounds. For those of you who live under a rock, Newgrounds is a website hosting a plethora of flash animations, flash games, and other such joyous works that people put a solid chunk of time into. That was the charm, the lack of quality control meant that you’d come across the occasional diamond in the rough. This site shares many similarities with Newgrounds including hosting flash games, a rarity in the … Read more

Mobile Games: Is there Life Beyond the App?

The iPhone, Apple’s innovative handset presented almost exactly a decade ago, was a product that has completely changed the way people look at phones. Most handsets had small screens and physical keyboards at the time, and PDAs (the ancestors of smartphones) had touchscreens but they were focused on business users, not the masses. The iPhone combined the entertainment options available on “dumb” phones with the form factor and the interface of the time’s “smart” phones, … Read more

Amazing Games You Can Play in Your Browser For Free

There’s no better way than rounding off a heavy workday by kicking back with a little gaming. Instead of having to wait until you get ho­me and fire up the console however, how about you get out the portable instead. Browser games, including the hundreds of titles rated and available over at, are a fun alternative to console games that only require a web browser to run. Stuck on what to play? Check out … Read more