Ways to Improve Your Browsing Experience

With over 1.4 billion websites on the internet today, surfing the web can be a painful experience even in this era of super computers. Sadly, as computers and internet connections increase in speed, both the sizes of the web pages and their computational power demands also shoot high. Google’s Chrome being the most popular and preferred internet browser across every device, chances are high that you are using it as your mobile or computer web … Read more

chrome saiyan

3 Chrome Extensions to Make Your Browser Go Super-Saiyan

I’ve covered many chrome extensions over the past months here at Dragon Blogger. Normally, I pick a specific theme such as “extensions for bloggers” or “extensions to increase productivity.” This month I wanted to highlight three powerful extensions that collectively level up our browsers. After reading the 40 expert social media strategies article that circulated throughout the blogo-sphere recently, I figured this theme and headline would be a bit more creative and could be a … Read more

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3 Chrome Extensions to Enhance Browsing

Hey there, in case you missed my last chrome extension review, you can check it out here: 3 Awesome Official Chrome Extensions by Google Today we’ll be diving into 3 extensions that will enhance your browsing experience on all fronts. From readability to increased functionality, these extensions were made to improve our daily web engagements. Let’s get started. Hacker Vision Despite its title, this Chrome extension isn’t going to take over your laptop. In fact, … Read more

Do Not Track Default in IE10

The Do Not Track features exist in almost every browser currently, but other than Safari few browsers have “Do Not Track” set by default which prevents identifying cookies and information from being set which track your information as you surf the web. Advertisers are up in arms about this claiming Microsoft is impeding marketing, advertising and research in the area of local and targeted marketing.  The ability for custom and specific display ads that appeal … Read more