Why You Should Develop Your Next Isometric Game in C++

In terms of video games, the term ‘Isometric’ is used as an umbrella term to represent games that are generally viewed from an angle, either straight above or in a tilted view to provide a 3D looking view to the viewers in a 2D game. This is quite popular among game developers as they can showcase 3D and projection looking models in 2D development. To put it elementally, Isometric graphics are also understood as parallel … Read more

The Trials And Tribulations Of Programming – Lesson 1

Over the past few months, I have been learning Visual Basic, C# and Unity. Like many teenagers the task at hand was rather daunting, all these different numerical and grammatical terms but eventually it came like second nature however before we start I will fill you in on some back story. I am currently doing my A-Levels, for those who do not live in Britain or do not know what A-Level is, it is the … Read more