6 tools for newbie and professional Graphic Designers

A graphic designer is one of the most demanded professions. We live in an era of technologies and digital visualization. Freelancers all over the world are working hard to get into a graphic design gig. People are changing older professions to learn new ones. And it seems to be working for everyone. One of the best help graphic designers get, is from apps. Smartphones and tablets are a custom to every one of us. We … Read more

Top Tips For Adding Photos To Your Blog

Photos are an integral part of any website or blog. Photos make your site more interesting, and they add another layer of appeal for site visitors. Websites with great visual content tend to be more engaging and get more traffic as compared to those sites that are simply full of text. With that being said, finding and choosing images can be somewhat of a challenge, as can taking your own photos for your site. The … Read more