Brian’s Favorite Video Game Mini Games

Ah yes, the mini-game. There are so many video games that have gone on to feature various ways to take up our time and some of which took up even more time than we anticipated with some even spawning their own standalone version of that game. This article is going to be about some of my favorites from many games that I have played along my video game journey in life. These games gave me … Read more

Movie Franchises have Invaded Slot Games

Movie franchises have taken over many aspects of our lives. Some in the form of video games based on popular movies, others in the form of toys or even comics which explore the extended lore of many movies’ universes. One area that movie franchises have taken over is the casino industry where you can find many different types of slot machines based on several different popular movie franchises. One of the most popular trends in … Read more

Robots Replacing Jobs? Casinos, a New Sheriff is in Town

The more advanced we get with technology, especially when it comes in the form of Artificial Intelligence, is going to start making companies want to learn more towards using advanced A.I. in robots to replace humans in the job market. Recently, several malls and casinos in the past have started to roll out technology that replaces humans when it comes to doing jobs. For instance, back in June of 2018, several hotel workers in Las Vegas … Read more