What Are 3D Models and How Do You Use Them?

3D models are a mathematical representation of any object or surface in three dimensions. The product is called a 3D model and can be displayed as a two dimension image. Models can be created manually or automatically. 3D modeling software is used produce 3D models and can be used in different fields. The largest market for 3D models can come from a single individual or from a large organization or company. Image Credit 3D models … Read more

How To Upload Models To CGTrader For Great Effect

As a 3D modeler or an aspiring 3D modeler you probably want to make money with your art. Great, you can totally sell your 3D masterpieces on CGTrader, an (and the) online model market place. And it‘s not just as easy as just dragging and dropping files… Wait, no, it is that easy! But there are hidden nuances that will influence how well your model performs. But lets take it from the top!First, you have … Read more