Creating a Chatwing Chatbox

Chatwing has continuously improved their chat software ever since it was created almost two years ago. Now that it is also available in Android, people can even use it on their mobile phones as well. And as for the new users who want to start chatting with their friends through this chat software, making one just got a whole lot easier. Chatwing just recently made a complete makeover of their site, making it much easier … Read more

The Simple Way of Embedding Chatwing Into Your Site

Most people nowadays love to chat with their friends or families and even with people they don’t know. And with the vast number of chatting tools one can use over the internet, it’s really not that hard to do so. But what about creating a chatroom for a site so it can have the user can have the capability to chat with his viewers? That can be pretty easy too with Chatwing chat app. Chatwing … Read more