How to Disable Trackpad on Chromebooks like Lenovo C330

I needed to figure out a way to disable my touchpad on my chromebook when I had my mouse plugged in as I was accidentally constantly brushing my thumb across the touchpad when doing typing and only using my mouse for cursor movements.  Though there is no default way in ChromeOS to disable the touchpad while mouse is plugged in, there is a hidden flag in Chrome that you can enable that allows you to … Read more

How to Work Offline on a Chrome OS system

The internet is an important tool which is usually taken for granted and though it is everywhere, not everyone has access to good Internet connections. Due to this fact, work needs to be done even if there is no internet connection. A Chromebook is a laptop or tablet running the Linux based Chrome OS as its operating system, and it is used to perform varieties of work done known has an online based machine when … Read more