Back to School Giveaway – Enter to Win a Lenovo Flex 3 Chromebook

One of the most requested prizes to giveaway is a laptop or chromebook and this month we scraped some marketing budget together combined with some awesome sponsors and were able to come up with this Lenovo C330 Chromebook giveaway for our fans.  Now this is the 2021 Model of the C330 Chromebook which was rebranded as the Ideapad Flex 3 Chromebook which is nearly identical to the 2018 model in all but name when I … Read more

How to Disable Trackpad on Chromebooks like Lenovo C330

I needed to figure out a way to disable my touchpad on my chromebook when I had my mouse plugged in as I was accidentally constantly brushing my thumb across the touchpad when doing typing and only using my mouse for cursor movements.  Though there is no default way in ChromeOS to disable the touchpad while mouse is plugged in, there is a hidden flag in Chrome that you can enable that allows you to … Read more

Lenovo Chromebook C330 Review in Progress

Recently for Father’s Day my wife got me the Lenovo Chromebook C330 as a present from the family as she knew I needed a smaller and more portable laptop for when we have our Dungeons and Dragons sessions as well as something I can use in the front room at 4am when I get woken up by the pup and am bored.  My gaming laptop from MSI is fantastic but at 17″ it isn’t super … Read more

How to Work Offline on a Chrome OS system

The internet is an important tool which is usually taken for granted and though it is everywhere, not everyone has access to good Internet connections. Due to this fact, work needs to be done even if there is no internet connection. A Chromebook is a laptop or tablet running the Linux based Chrome OS as its operating system, and it is used to perform varieties of work done known has an online based machine when … Read more

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ Review

After a catastrophic hard drive failure of my mother in law’s Dell Inspiron and losing all her data that she didn’t back up to the cloud we decided it would be best if she used a Chromebook.  She had been using an Ubuntu imaged laptop for a few years since she was getting her PC loaded with viruses and malware when she was running Windows 7 so decided to at least reduce that issue.  At … Read more

Haier Chromebook: Specifications and Its Usefulness On the Road

This is my second article in my series revolving around the new Haier Chromebook. My first article covered my initial impressions. This article will dive a little deeper into its specs and how well it performs while on the road. In future articles I’ll cover the differences and similarities between a Chromebook and it’s competitors, the positives and negatives of having a Chromebook as well as how I use it in my everyday routine. So, … Read more

Enter to Win an HP Chromebook

I am pleased to be able to offer my readers a new giveaway and this is actually our first Chromebook giveaway here on  This giveaway is sponsored by BugScore which is an online scoring platform for people, businesses and Bugscore allows you to score, compare and rank this information. Bugscore allows you to score, compare and rank this information and even provides ways for users to earn by sharing their reviews and adding businesses … Read more