How to Clone Hard Drive with a Free Drive Cloning Software: iSumsoft Cloner Review

There are many reasons why you might want to clone a hard drive. This may be because you are going to replace your old hard drive and want to migrate your Windows 10 OS or data to a new SSD. Or you might want to back up your data before running the data recovery software to avoid any data risk. At these times, making a copy of the drive seems to be a logical choice. … Read more

Cloning Windows SSD Root Drive

Say you got a big fancy new SSD drive to replace your former SSD drive that you were running Windows 7 or Windows 8 on.  Did you know that just cloning your C drive isn’t enough? You need to actually run some additional tools on the drive to make it so you can boot off of a cloned Windows boot drive. How to Clone a Windows SSD Drive These instructions work for cloning a Windows … Read more