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11 Benefits Of Having Cloud VPS-Read Here

  When you start to look at and explore anything and everything that is involved with a VPS, you may be trying to learn and see what is going to make the most sense for what you want and how you may want to get ahead of those things. How do you know that what you’re doing is going to allow you to stick to your plans and to figure out what is going to … Read more

VPS Hosting with SSD Drives from InMotion Hosting

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands you probably don’t want to have to run your own dedicated servers where you would be responsible for every aspect of the system from OS patching to patching all of the software that you install and maintenance it.  This is where VPS Hosting traditionally comes in, where you get many of the benefits of dedicated hosting without the additional overhead. Shared Hosting which is fine if … Read more

Looking for Optimal Web Hosting

This was the year where DragonBlogger.com was to transition to a new leaner theme and perhaps transition to cloud hosting platform which is more scalable and capable of handling more concurrent SQL connections than my current hosting situation.  I particularly only find this an issue because I am a multi author site and when more than one author is logged into WordPress at the same time the 2 concurrent SQL connections limitation causes intermittent 500 … Read more

Why Small Business Should Consider a Hosted Desktop

The Cloud is constantly evolving and it is not new news that most applications now have cloud based versions or cloud equivalents.  Just think of Dropbox, Google Drive (including Google Docs) and Microsoft Office 360 to see how cloud based applications are becoming the standard.  The idea that you can connect to any application from any PC from anywhere with an internet connection can also apply to your full Windows desktop environment with a Hosted … Read more

Exchange Hosting a Viable Option for Small Business

Small Businesses often lack the IT talent that large scale organizations have the resources to employ but if you are a business with between ten and a hundred employees you may still want the enterprise level service and stability of a Microsoft Exchange email system.  This can be equally important if you want to leverage Microsoft Office Cloud, SharePoint and other Microsoft products where it is easier to have an Exchange integration for keeping everything … Read more