5 Great Alternatives to DropBox for Cloud Storage

Well, almost everyone uses a cloud storage service now-a-days, and probably Dropbox, because of it's clean UI, simple and clean navigation, many advanced options, and Clients for all major Operating Systems and mobile platforms. But it basically offers only 2GB of storage for a free account, which is insufficient for all our needs. So here I am, listing the best 5 alternatives for the same to make you choose the right cloud storage for yourself.

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Cloud Storage for Small Businesses

Small and medium sized enterprises generally use centralized servers and external hard drives for storing their data. But this technology is getting fairly old as new technologies are emerging in the market everyday. Small business should look into changing their storage solutions because hard drives can be easily stolen, are not so secure and can [...]

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Best Online Backup Sites

When deciding where you want to store all of your important data in the cloud, you will want to make sure you read as many online backup reviews as possible to not only find the best prices, but also find a service that fits your needs as far as storage, method of backup and supported [...]

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