Managing Domain Names with Off Site DNS

Very few hosting providers offer off-site DNS, GoDaddy is the only major one that I know of, so when I switched from a Bluehost shared hosting plan to WebSynthesis back in February I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I need an Offsite DNS management because WebSynthesis only hosts your WordPress they don’t do any domain management at all. Most hosting providers that use CPanel like Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostmonster…etc require that you have a … Read more

Using Incapsula to Protect your Websites

I have had most of my blogs protected by Incapsula for the past several weeks and have seen improvement in both performance, reduced downtime and benefited from the increased security of using Incapsula to protect my sites over the past few weeks. What is Incapsula Incapsula is a web application firewall, CDN and website optimizer all rolled into one package.  It is a cloud based service that sits in front of your websites or blogs, … Read more