Team Collaboration Software Becoming Essential for the Modern Office

You read about it more and more how inefficient it is for workers to just communicate via email or wait for a free time to talk on the phone, with the glutton of emails that require sorting on a daily basis it is easy for important or urgent emails to be lost in the white noise.  This is why there is so much emphasis lately on organizations to leverage a Business Process Management Suite and such a suite … Read more

Showcasing Keep and Share for User Collaboration

Keep & Share is a very versatile collaboration service with social, professional and personal tools for team and event management, file and photo sharing, database management and daily To-Do lists. Let’s review the main features in detail. · A Calendar app with email and text alerts lets you set reminders for future events as well as share those alerts with your friends and colleagues! Premium accounts offer up to 30 different calendars per user, while … Read more