Even Online Writers Should Always Check Their Work

      Almost every writer can identify with this all too familiar scenario. You are in front of your computer. The blinking cursor on an empty word document seems to say ‘this is due’, ‘you must write’, ‘think of something new creative and fresh.’ All of a sudden the blinking mantra inspires you. The words flow easier than you could have imagined. Shortly, you are sitting in front of your completed article feeling satisfied. … Read more

Reasons to use TurnItIn for Plagiarism Checking

Is TurnItIn – The best plagiarism checker for all writers? The act of using another person’s thoughts, words or idea and presenting them as one’s, without ascribing them to the original author, is a serious ethical offence. This act is known as plagiarism. Consequences of Plagiarism In academia, blogging, journalism, publishing, and any other institutions that involve in writing, plagiarism is considered as an act of dishonesty, a breach of ethics, as well as copyright infringement. … Read more

Plagramme Multilingual Plagiarism Checker Overview

I use plagiarism checkers fairly frequently as a blogger who allows guests and authors to contribute content to my sites.  Plagiarism checkers are not just for those in teacher roles, but are useful if you want to see if the content being submitted or handed in has been used before on other sites.  Content Duplication can cause poor SERP rankings for posts and pages that have published duplicate content, it is really recommended you have … Read more