COUGAR MARS Gaming Desk Review

This is a review of the COUGAR MARS Gaming Desk which was sent to me to review and I needed to use it for at least two months to determine durability rather than just flush out a quick review of the desk without testing how long it held up since unlike normal desks this desk had electronic components involved including a USB Hub and LED light panels built into the desk itself.  We will get … Read more

Is The 700k Evo Keyboard From Cougar The Last Keyboard You Need?

Whether you just a casual PC user or a gamer, a good keyboard is something we can all agree on we need. Rather it is Mechanical, Ergonomical, Membrane, or gaming with RGB. Today we look at a new keyboard from Cougar. This is there 700K Evo RGB keyboard with Cherry MX  RGB mechanical keys. The 700K uses Cougar’s very own UIX software to manage the RGB effects. The frame of this keyboard is made from … Read more