How to Keep Your Crypto Wallet Safe and Backed Up

Yes! we all are moving into the digital world at a rapid pace. Cryptocurrencies galloped their own space in the world of digital technology. The traditional way of making the payment is already moving out of space and most of the payments are going cashless via digital payment. Soon cryptocurrency will be in an ultimate form to replace this traditional way of making payment. Now you may ask yourself how will you save this digital … Read more

The Ultimate Mining Rig: How To Set Up and Configure

Let’s assume you’ve always dreamed of becoming a miner. In recent years, traditional mining with a pickaxe isn’t as popular as it used to be a century or two ago, so you decided to mine cryptocurrencies instead. Unlucky for you budding miners, as of yet, no cryptocurrency is mineable with a pickaxe, but don’t worry, we will go over everything you will need to start your future as a crypto miner. ICOholder has a handy … Read more

Can I Mine Cryptocurrency on My Gaming PC?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum can provide a big boost to your income. Many users have achieved great ROIs investing in these tokens however investments can be a gamble due to the threat of hacks and scams. To work around this, some users have started mining cryptocurrency with a gaming PC. Unlike trading, you collect coins on your own so you won’t have to pay others to earn some Bitcoin or Ether. But if you … Read more

Will Blockchain Technology Revolutionize In-Game Purchases – and the Whole Gaming and Entertainment Industry?

By now, it is beyond obvious that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. A project that once seemed like a crazy dream – or nightmare, for some – has gradually gained legitimacy and worldwide acceptance, with several vendors and even governments across the globe accepting cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoin as an alternative means of payment. Yet the bitcoin project, it seems, stretches beyond simply delivering the ultimate decentralised digital currency; the underlying technology that powers bitcoin, … Read more