Evil Corp: The Billion-dollar Cybercrime Syndicate You Never Knew About

The Sicilian Mafia. The Scarpa Crew. Young Boys, Inc. The Sinaloa Cartel. Organized crime groups tend to have names describing their original location or important members; they rarely choose names that describe what they are doing, so as not to attract the wrong kind of attention. The same can’t be said for Evil Corp. Their on-the-nose name serves almost as a mission statement, explaining exactly what the group’s members are striving to achieve in the … Read more

6 Key Ways To Know If You’ve Been Hacked By A Computer Virus

Today, with millions of us depending on the internet for work, education, entertainment and socialising, it has become a backbone of sorts, for all things communication. While offering a plethora of advantages and benefits, it is easy to forget that, like all things, the internet too has a dark side. While the number of web users keeps increasing by vast numbers, so do the number of opportunities for those who are looking to commit crimes … Read more

5 Trends in Computer Security  

  Introduction Progress and advancement are top-of-mind for most humans. We have an innate desire to constantly improve our homes, office workflows, transportation methods and lifestyles. Technology plays a large part in this advancement by reshaping the way society interacts, communicates and develops. With greater access to information comes greater risk and a demand for stronger cyber surveillance and computer security. Here are five trends companies are taking in 2016 to protect their data: Clouded … Read more