Cyborgs in Society: An Ethical Dilemma

Cyborgs. You love em. You hate em. Some just plain scare ya. Well… not really – but possibly in the future. Most of you who read this blog probably think they’re pretty neat. I mean hey, who wouldn’t want a robotic arm that could lift a thousand pounds above your head, or an exoskeleton that makes Iron Man look like a joke? Oh jeez, sorry, probably offended all the Marvel fans. Whoops… okay okay, Iron … Read more

Science Update – Vagus Nerve Stimulation To Treat Heart Disease, Arthritis and Headaches

The US FDA has already approved using Electrical Stimulation of the Vagus nerve through implants within the patient’s body to treat epilepsy and unmitigable depression which pharmaceutical medicine can’t help. What is Nerve Stimulation? Nerve stimulation is a method of applying electrical or mechanical pressure to our nervous system – typically nerve cells in accessible places close to the skin or using electrodes! True, those scary “shock therapy” stories are not fiction. ECT or Electro-Convulsive Therapy … Read more