Compelling reasons why you should be using a dash or helmet cam on the road

Have you ever thought about getting a dashcam? Or a camera for your helmet? Whether you drive a car, ride a motorcycle, or a bicycle, everyone could benefit from recording what happens on the road. These little cameras simply sit on your dashboard or your helmet and record hours of video footage either through the windshield, rear window or from the riders’ point of view. They’re relatively cheap but some more expensive models come with … Read more

Overview of the Lanmodo Vast Pro Dash Cam and How to Buy

Keeping safe on the road is a top priority for every driver, but making sure you’re safe in harsh conditions is not always easy. The Lanmodo Vast Pro dash cam is designed to keep drivers safe and secure on the road, no matter what conditions they’re driving in. This ultimate dual 1080P night vision dash camera is launching on Indiegogo soon, so let’s take a look at what it’s offering and what we can look … Read more

What is Dash Cam and How Does it Work with Your Phone?

At some point in your journey through the wild world of the internet, you may have come across a video of someone getting into a car accident, or a police chase, and you thought about how crazy it was to see that. Well, that is because of the rising popularity and use of dash cams. Not only do they allow us to watch insane videos of people doing crazy stuff, but they serve a lot … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Dash Cameras

In the last couple of years, a lot of people started purchasing dash cameras, and it’s no longer exclusively for police cars. And many insurance companies in the UK and Russia started offering discounts to drivers who have dash cams in order to encourage people to buy it. When considering getting a dash cam for your vehicle, you will find different models available. But before purchasing it, you should first know its pros and cons … Read more

Why You Should Have a Car Dash Cam

Nowadays, I believe that it is imperative that those of you that are driving have a dash cam in your car. Especially when it comes to accidents or meeting up with someone to sell your items via Craigslist. A dash cam is perfect for being able to record just about anything that happens either while on the road or even being pulled over by the police. Having video evidence comes especially handy when in an … Read more