How important is to have a front and rear dash cam?

Is a front and rear dash cam worth the investment? Dash cam sales are soaring across the globe. Motorists now consider it as that must-have car accessory. Along with the demand has sprouted a large selection of dash cams of varying sizes and capabilities. For the past few years, the typical dash cam has been a forward-facing camera that records proceedings in front of the driver from behind the driver’s windshield. For years that has … Read more

7 Pro Tips To Choose A Right Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cameras are becoming increasingly necessary with all drivers. Their success and popularity have skyrocketed as they have helped many people provide proof and evidence in the event of and accident. Whether an accident happens on the road or when the car has been parked a dashboard camera will record exactly what has happened and when. They will help you to be able to identify someone from a hit and run accident by recording their … Read more

Car Gadgets That Improve Overall Driving Experience

Nowadays, numerous gadgets exist for the modern car owner. You can easily find some that are going to help you to be prepared, no matter what the road is like. Your driving experience is no longer impacted just by the car. It can be changed by what you add to it. The great thing about most of the car gadgets recommended below is that you can actually install them. You do not have to worry … Read more