The Importance of Data in Game Development

Game development is something that doesn't just happen overnight. Development of a game takes months, years even and although a lot of gamers tend to get impatient at times waiting for their favorite video game to be released, I've learned to become as patient as possible when it comes to a developer wanting to take [...]

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software Review

If you are here reading this review, then chances are that you have accidentally deleted something or have lost your data due to a hard drive error or possibly a virus attack. It might have been some important work files or your childhood photos that you lost. And you are searching all over the internet [...]

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Making Data Work For You

There’s a lot of talk about data collection these days. Companies are constantly processing data from a variety of sources, including their customers. When you press your index finger into the home button on your iPhone so your phone can get your prints and allow you to use it in lieu of a password, then [...]

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If You Aren’t Deduplicating Your Backups, You Should Be

Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. This data includes everything from the documents we saved on our personal devices, to customer databases, to the messages we send each other on social media. In fact, by some estimates, we created data so quickly that 90 percent of the world’s data was actually created [...]

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How to Recover Deleted files in Windows

Deleted a file permanently? Deleted a file from a removable media? And realized that you really need it back. This has happened with all of us, and with me an awful number of times! Luckily I have recovered (almost) all of my files, and today I will explain you when and how you can get [...]

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