DBPower N6 4K Waterproof Action Camera Review!

With the rise of 4K action camera more and more companies are making them. One of those companies is DBPower. They sent me their DBPower N6 4K  action camera to test and review. This camera comes in a kit. You get all the pieces to mount it and use it including waterproof case. Let me show you the box it comes in then we will get into what comes in the package. Now in the package, … Read more

DBPower Digital Air Compressor Review

So everyone should have an air compressor in their car just in case they run into a flat tire, but not all air compressors are equal and DBPower sent me their air compressor to try out which I must say I ended up thinking was well worth the value.  Now I won’t get into any unboxing video you simply get the compressor which you plug into your car outlet port and make sure your car … Read more

DBPOWER DPI Gaming Mouse, LED Optical 7 Buttons USB Wired Game Mice

This is a review of the DBPower LED Optical, 7 button USB gaming mouse. The Mouse has 4 DPI adjustments available, 800/1200/1600/and 2400. There are also 4 colors listed on the amazon page which include Green, Blue, Red and Purple. OK, now right off the bat I want to say I love this mouse, but sadly I cannot. The first very obvious issue is LED colors. According to the Amazon description there should be green, … Read more

Brova Power Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

DBPower has a gaming keyboard called the Brova Power that you have got to see to believe. It is a beautiful keyboard with bright colors and easy to read keys. I love this keyboard. It is not so much because it is a gaming keyboard as it is one that I can use even when the lights are turned low in the room. Each row has a separate color preassigned to it. It is not … Read more