Top Reasons Your Ecommerce Site Needs Cyber Insurance

The advent of ecommerce was a watershed moment for both consumers and vendors. Shoppers could peruse products from around the world from the comfort of their homes, and aspiring merchants could open their very own virtual storefronts with decreased barriers to entry. Since its appearance in the mid-1980s, ecommerce has grown, finally overtaking brick-and-mortar stores as consumers [...]

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Protecting Your Systems Against DDoS

  DDoS or “Distributed Denial of Service” is an attack trying to overload your systems. This kind of malicious act is commonly used to block access to services by overloading them. Hackers are generally using botnets to DDoS their target. It means that a large amount of computers will try to attack the target at [...]

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How to Tackle Cloud security issues

  At the beginning, cloud computing was introduced to an Internet of Things on a much different scale than that of today. The cloud space has grown significantly and new players have entered the field, opening doors for other organizations to work with and compete with one another. However, as the space continues to grow, [...]

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Bad News Bots: One of the Hottest Trends in Online Gaming is Ruining Online Gaming

Think back to when you were a kid and you brought your basketball outside to get a game going with the other neighborhood kids. The game would be fun…for a while. And then something would happen, someone would make you mad or you would otherwise become disgruntled enough that not only did you not want [...]

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