Pairing a Bluetooth Speaker with an Intel AIO for Bedroom TV

The Intel AIO PC known as the Dell XPS 18 was a great computer for the bedroom, not only did it function like a TV, full computer but also it was an 18″ tablet that I could just take into bed and play Hearthstone and other games on at night. Dragging cards to play against my opponent on an 18″ touch screen was effortless. The only thing that needed to be improved for a full … Read more

Using My Intel All in One During the Holidays

While I am in California for the next week, I am mostly using my Intel All in One which happens to be a Dell XPS 18 and this touch screen 18″ computer functions like a laptop and a tablet.  Because it is 18″ and fully multipoint touch screen it makes a more than fantastic portable device for watching holiday movies in the bedroom, where my wife and I can just lay in bed and watch … Read more

Before and After the #IntelAIO PC Arrives

So I was extremely excited that I was being sent an AIO PC to review and test out over the next few months and I didn’t know what model would come to me beforehand.  It was a surprise and the campaign was sending different Intel AIO PC models to different parties to review so they could be comprehensive in showing how the different manufacturers took advantage of the portability, style and power that can come … Read more