Checking Out DepositPhotos AI Upscaler

DepositPhotos is a fantastic site for stock graphics as well as audio, but did you know they’ve also got a free host of tools that makes tailoring your royalty-free images that much easier? I personally took a look at their AI Image Upscaler, which claimed to be able to double the size of an image without losing quality. After a quick search for something amusing (I went with this image of sailor moon because it … Read more

Another Look at Depositphotos for Stock Images

If you blog or create content for the internet, you know how important stock photos are for you to pull from. While there are a ton of free sites out there, for the most part, the images are not always of the highest quality. The last thing you want to do with a top-notch blog post is sprinkle in some cheesy stock photos which makes it look less professional. Thankfully, sites like Depositphotos exists to … Read more

Finding and Setting a Default Featured Image for WordPress Blogs

When you run a blog that requires image thumbnails on the homepage or in posts you can find yourself in a situation where you are constantly looking for images that can capture that post and article as well as draw attention for those who would skim your homepage, notice the image along with the title and click to read more. Sometimes however you just forget to set a featured image or you have a certain … Read more

Discount on Stock Photography with Depositphotos

Attractive and high quality images draw attention, people are more like to be engaged and drawn in if they first see something visually appealing this is why services like Pinterest, Instagram are so popular.  So if you haven’t been using high quality images or stock photography for your blogs yet then you are missing out on an important method to keep readers on the page and entice them to stay if they visit from a … Read more

Finding Stock Images with Depositphotos

I have been using creative commons and many other sites that offer free stock photography provided you use the link credit and follow the terms of service for many years.  The idea of also paying per image is also something to consider when you are a blogger who isn’t making a ton of money every month with your blog, so you want to come up with a good solution that lets you grab a ton … Read more