Aglaia LED Desk Lamp Review

It can be a struggle to find a quality desk lamp that can hold up through hours and hours of work. Thankfully, with new LED lamps this search is becoming easier. The Aglaia desk lamp has a minimalistic look and also three different settings depending on how bright you want your light. The LED lighting isn’t too [...]

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PanPany Touch Control Dimmable Table Lamp

This is a review of the PanPany Touch Control Dimmable Table Lamp.  It is sold on Amazon for $38.99. This is a light designed specifically for situations where you would want to increase and decrease the light level, such as at a desk or on a nightstand. Inside the box, the lamp is in a few [...]

OxyLED T120 Dimmable Eye Care Desk Lamp Review

Hey there.  When I started to put together my work station, one of the first things that I told myself is that I am going to end up getting a lamp for my desk.  The last desk lamp that I had used tiny incandescent light bulbs that would get super hot.  So hot, actually, that [...]

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