How to use Discord on PC or Phone for PUBG

PUBG has been a rave among people these days, and its base has been expanding more and more by the day. Free minecraft accounts also provide us with some great games. While people talk while playing the game, discord is an alternative that helps communicate while playing. Effective communication is crucial in certain times, like when it needs to revive desperately! Discord strives to establish such an immersive gaming experience through its easy to use … Read more

Discord: The WhatsApp for Gamers

  Online gaming is not a novel concept to anybody in the virtual world. It’s omnipresent and is enjoyed by people of all age groups (even the not-so-tech-savvy who may not be using Internet browsers but love playing games online!) Now, just like a million varieties available in gaming apps, there are different types of gamers too. Of course, considering that each person playing games online comes with a plethora of different tastes and choices … Read more

How to Add Emoji’s to Discord Channel Names

So lately I have been doing a lot more with discord being part of 16 Discord groups and I noticed some groups had emoji’s in their Discord channel names, and I could not figure out how to set emoji’s for my own Discord Channel names.  Well there are multiple ways to accomplish this and I will point out the easiest first. Easiest Way to Add Emoji To Discord Channel Names In Mobile Discord App you … Read more