Best Stealth Game Franchises

Stealth games are an interesting “what if” genre, giving us a peek to a world of clandestine operations. From super assassins to masked vigilantes, stealth games offer a different experience from the rest of the genres. Usually awarding players for using stealth strategies instead of charging head-on, stealth games provide a very different experience in which players use real-time strategy to plan their way into a certain level, outsmarting A.I and defeating the level. Most … Read more

Bethesda Takes The Spotlight On First Day Of E3

It was much anticipated that this time around E3 would be not much of a ‘News Breaker’ because of companies like EA and Ubisoft not showcasing much about their forthcoming titles and Sony not doing much for the wide gamer audience. But Bethesda on the other hand has taken the first day of E3 by storm. Bethesda announced its upcoming games which included Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4. Fallout 4 It was much anticipated that Bethesda … Read more