Solved: New Hard Drive Not Showing Up In Disk Management Windows 10

Several users report that a new hard drive not showing up in disk management Windows 10. This means your computer requires a hard drive to store the local files, software installations (including Windows), local information, and many more. These important things allow you to run the computer. Many users are complaining that new hardware is not appearing in their BIOS settings therefore, it doesn’t show in the Disk Management. The problem is not specific to … Read more

EaseUS Data / Partition Recovery Review

After finishing up a video for the Geeek H700 DIY Computer case, I wanted to get working on another review for a bit and magically I find one of my drives missing.  Of course, I freaked out because I have data on that drive, perhaps also review data and I had my Western Digital MyBook 4TB earlier fall off of the shelf and lost all 4TB, most of which was review material.  I had to send … Read more

Shrink Space

How To Extend Volume Using Disk Management in Windows?

So you have a hard drive with a large amount of space and you created some partitions at first, but now you are running out of space in one of your drive partitions and you want to extend the space in the drive. You can accomplish this task with ease with the help of Windows Disk Management. This feature is found in Windows Vista, 7 and Windows 8. With this tool, you can increase the … Read more